Suitor, Middleton, Cox & Associates

We provide all required administrative and management services including:

  • Corporate and annual state filings
  • Collect, post and  deposit all assessment checks to the client account(s)
  • Insurance policy management
  • Obtain annual insurance proposals, and perform insurance audits and reviews
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Minutes of Board of Directors meetings
  • Minutes of Owner meetings
  • Minutes of Annual meetings
  • Contract management proposal generation through acceptance and awarding of contracts
  • Association document maintenance with updated frequently asked questions
  • Association Rules and Regulations administration
  • Prepare, post and  mail all required notices in a timely fashion
  • Coordinate annual/special meetings
  • Establish and maintain inspections of equipment, fire/safety systems
  • Maintain and oversee pool and pool equipment serviceability and records
  • Enforce rules and regulations and assist/manage owner  issues and  problems
  • Create and maintain an Association database including all service and maintenance provider contact  data

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